Radio stations in Japan

Taking AM and FM together, there are 102 radio stations in Japan.

Around 70% of people in Japan listen to the radio once a week or more, and the low cost and wide range of radio advertising makes it a very cost-effective option.

We can identify the ideal radio station based on the target market of a your  product or service.

Radio advertising is especially useful for branding products and services that target women and the elderly.

But, it’s also effective for more business oriented products and services due to a high rate of listenership among car owners.

In an April 2013 survey by Video Research, 63.9% of those surveyed listened to the radio over the course of a week, roughly 2 out of every 3 people age 12 to 69, male or female.  The average listening time (over the course of a week) was 13.6 hours, almost 2 hours a day.  52.4% of listening occurred in the home, with 47.6% outside of the home, in cars or otherwise.

Thanks to the spread of services like “radiko”(app) that let you easily listen to the radio over the internet via PC or smartphone, there are more and more new radio users.


Radio in recent years

Much attention has been paid to recent increase of male 20-something radio listeners.

We can provide comprehensive planning, from selecting radio stations and programs that fit the target market of your products and services to the creation of the radio advertisements.  You can also trust us with highly effective publicity campaigns where your product or service will be introduced on a radio program.